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My Blog Statistics: 14th Sep 2011

Posted in General by paramanands on September 14, 2011

It has been a long time (2 yrs 2 months) publishing contents on this blog and I felt like sharing some statistics related about page visits and the common search terms used to reach the blog. The data provided by WordPress in this regard agrees very much with my expectations in the sense that the pages which I thought to be most interesting were actually the pages which were most visited.

First let’s have a look at page visits:

Page Visits

Page Visits

I have only tried to include the pages which had at least 100 visits. From the above it is clear that I am nowhere near to becoming a popular blogger. But when I started the blog I was assuming that I would be the only reader of my blog. Luckily this is not so and I am quite satisfied with the above data.

Next we have a look at the search queries used to reach my blog posts:

Search Terms

Search Terms

Again I have included here only the terms with more than 10 views.


Its now time to draw conclusions from the above data. Clearly both the page visits and search terms have a strong correlation and it means that visitors went to my posts mostly through searches in Google (this happens to the prominent referrer to my blog apart from one or two links from MathOverflow) and not through links from other websites. The top posts clearly are:

1) Posts related to Construction of Regular Polygons

2) Posts related to Gauss-Brent-Salamin formula for \pi

3) Two problems from IIT-JEE

4) Posts related to Elliptic Functions

I am really very happy to know the top posts turn out to be related to the “construction of regular polygons”. This series was written during December 2009 when I on forced leave (due to cost cutting in my company) and I had lots and lots of time to devote to my blog. This material on the theory of Gaussian periods was virtually non-existent online and moreover I had myself been looking for this Gauss’ proof from the time I read about it in Hardy’s Pure Mathematics.

The series on Gauss-Brent-Salamin formula is the first series which I wrote on this blog and I tried my best to present the proof in a coherent and understandable fashion without missing any details (especially the details related to substitution in the integrals).

I was expecting that the series on elliptic functions would turn out to be one of most popular posts, but it was perhaps overshadowed by the craze for IITs in India. A single post on two problems from IIT JEE turned out to be more popular. However I really doubt the students studying for IIT-JEE really benefited from it because even this post was not about problem solving, but about the theoretical concepts of calculus.

My later posts have not yet been so popular as these, but I hope that with time they may get the attention of readers.

Finally thanks to all the readers who spent time on my blog to generate the above statistics.


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